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NOW we are racing a heavily modified full-size truck:

  1. Engine: 5.7 HEMI which produces over 400 BHP now after modifying the air intake and exhaust systems.

  2. Transmission: Stock with heavily modified cooling system to keep IT running within acceptable operating temperatures during extreme driving conditions.

  3. Suspension: A totally revised and specially manufactured front suspension from BMS, with 2 coils from king and 4 Radflo shocks, in the rear the 2 coils are from Superlift and again the 4 shocks are from our trusted friends at Radflo .

  4. Fuel system: We run a 400 liters ATL  custom built fuel cell with Bosch fuel pumps.

  5. Tires: We run BFGoodrich 265/70-17 KM2 tires for the first time in the Pharaohs this year, we have used the brilliant All Terrain tires in all our last races and it proved great but we wanted just a little bit extra.